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Does pet hair on your clothes and furniture annoy you?! 😒



#1 SOLUTION to Remove Hair Without Leaving a Trace! 😊

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Just swipe on the surface, and all the hair is collected in the dustbin. Once the cabinet is full, you don't need to touch the dirty surface, just press the top button to empty it.

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If you need to travel, this hair removal brush is very convenient. It Will help you remove fur and fluff anywhere. This brush has a stylish look that fits perfectly in the bag or in the car.

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Just swivel left and right to quickly remove the hair on the brush, which saves you time and gives you a good experience.

Wide Use - Use on most surfaces like cotton, linen, wool, etc. Clean up pet hair on your sofas, clothes, bedding, comforters, etc. 

Advantages - Reusable, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Easy storage, no damage to clothing, electrostatic adsorption.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Nikki Cormier
Amazed and impressed

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while! As a cat owner with two cats and one who sheds heavily, I wasn't sure if this would make any difference. To be honest, now I’m going to go all around my house and do every piece of upholstered furniture!

Randy Davis
Perfect for cat hair on a rug

Bought this to pick up cat hair from the rug. It works perfectly and doesn’t seem to damage or pick up the rug pile.
Easy to use, and with good results. Great product for cleaning rug of pet hair and crumbs! My only doubt is about the quality of the plastic, we will see with time!

Kiana Halvorson
Incredible product for stubborn cat hairs!!!

Absolutely the best product for pet hair. Despite my reluctance, since I've tried so many products, I decided to give this one a try as well. If you think lint rollers are a savior you might want to give this product a try. I tried it on 2 types of carpets, bed, velour bed frame, my cat’s blankets, and my clothes. Worked so well on all of them! My cat has short hair but it’s the season so she sheds A LOT and it’s everywhere. Would def recommend and def buy again!!

Nellie Wolf
Absolutely BRILLIANT and REALLY Works!

An absolutely brilliant product that really, really, REALLY works! It picks up pet hair from sofas, rugs, carpets, beds, cushions and clothes! They are just a few of the things we've used it on. It honestly picks up every single pet hair that's on or embedded in! The ONLY minor problem I find with it is that when you hold it firmly to roll I sometimes accidentally press the button that opens the storage chamber and it falls out. This is easily avoided by holding the handle just that but further down. I would recommend this product VERY MUCH!

Orrin Connelly
The best thing I brought for pet hair

I've spent so much money on dog hair and this does the trick, especially on black trousers. Also, I have a small Jack Russel and his hair is like pine needles and this works nicely.